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Dečar produkt Ltd. has always made its goal to guarantee customer satisfaction. We specialize in providing solutions for various issues concerning ecology, storage, logistics and pumping. Our program is based on comprehensive approach and is aimed at always finding new and improved solutions.

Our company provides two main programs:

  • industrial ecology, logistics and storage equipment

  • distribution – we are the distributor of reputable international companies on the Slovenian market

Our range of industrial equipment for ecology, logistics and storage includes:

  • communal waste containers of different sizes and variations

  • press containers for paper, cardboard, foil and communal waste compression

  • tipping containers that can be mounted to a forklift

  • drop bottom containers

  • a variety of storage racking (shelf racking, pallet racking, cantilever racking, flow racking …)

  • sump trays for barrels or IBC containers

  • hazardous goods storage cupboards (for storing in barrels or small packaging units)

  • stacking containers

  • a variety of transport packaging such as ribbed pallet bins, closed walls containers and mesh pallets

We also manufacture custom-made metal equipment from black and stainless material.

The distribution program is another very important part of our offer. We are the exclusive distributer of the following international companies:

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