Communal waste containers are designed for collection and disposal of waste. Removal of these containers is carried out by a self loader truck. Standard capacities of the containers are 5 m3 and 7 m3 (in open or closed versions). Custom-made containers up to a volume of 12 m3 can be ordered, but the dimensions need to be double-checked with the transporter beforehand.

Standard containers are made of high quality black sheet metal that is 3 and 4 mm thick (bottom 4 mm, side 3 mm) and reinforced with HOP profiles. For heavier loads, the so-called communal “construction containers” are available, with the capacity of 5 m3. They are designed for heavier loads such as construction waste, rocks or larger metal pieces. These containers are made of 4 and 5 mm thick sheet metal and are additionally reinforced with stronger HOP profiles. Two base coats of lacquer are applied on the sufrace; two more top coats are added later.

The shade of the top lacquer used is selected by the customer. We can label containers with various designations, such as company logo, type of waste (e.g. paper, glass, cardboard, communal waste etc.).

The special type of containers is the so-called communal construction container, which is used for the removal of heavier waste, such as construction waste, rocks and larger metal pieces. Containers are made of sheet metal which is 4 and 5 mm thick, and additionally reinforced with stronger profiles. The edges and bottom of the containers are additionally reinforced.

We also offer custom-made containers in any size you require, or with atypical cover. All details are customizable and can be taken into account at no extra charge.

In addition to the program of containers for self loader truck, we also offer abroll containers with the capacity from 12 m3 to 34 m3. Open or covered containers in a wide variety of designs are available. Of course, these containers are also completely customizable.

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